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Glimpse our off-grid future

We have the capability and vision to build high impact deep decarbonisation projects anywhere that has high potential for renewable energy generation. Our off-grid model opens up the world to green fuel production at hyperscale. 


We are actively developing a pipeline of sites with an initial focus in Finland and Spain. In Spain our projects are located in Andalucia, Murcia, Extremadura, Valencia and Castilla-la-mancha, while in Finland we are currently focusing on Rovaniemi, Kokkola, Tornio and Turku.

Off-grid green e-methanol production

We are actively developing 100-200 kt/y e-methanol plants. Each plant requires around 150-300 kt/y CO2 , 300-500 MW renewable energy capacity, and 225-350 MW electrolysis capacity. Our first plants will reach final investment decision (FID) in 2024 and begin commercial operations in 2026.


We have completed a comprehensive first-of-its-kind technical study and have subsequently developed a concrete framework for the development of industrial-scale, cost-competitive off-grid e-methanol production plants – in a manner that can be deployed rapidly and at scale.


The individual technologies needed to produce green e-methanol are technologically proven and ready to be deployed:

  1. Solar PV and onshore wind technologies are commercially available – as proven by average unit investment cost reductions of 80% and 35% between 2010-2020 for PV and onshore wind, respectively.

  2. Electrolysis and methanol synthesis technologies have both existed for almost a century. In recent years, new engineering approaches have been developed to (a) standardise and modularise electrolysis and methanol synthesis products and (b) enable these processes to run flexibly to accommodate consumption of variable renewable energy.

  3. Transport and storage services for methanol and CO2, including truck transport, ship transport, on-site storage, and CO2 liquefaction, are commercially available and deployed at commercial scale today.

However, our decentralised off-grid model involves a shift in conventional plant operating principles, moving from a siloed mindset – whereby methanol synthesis is seen as a standalone process converting inputs to outputs – to an integrated mindset that considers production cost optimization across renewable energy, electrolysis, methanol synthesis, and where relevant, carbon capture processes.

The places in-between

annie-spratt-np84eRJic2I-unsplash (1).jpg


Enduring Hinterland

Sited in Northern Lapland close to the Arctic and plunged in full darkness 23 hours a day in winter, ETFuels is redefining the traditional project development boundaries



Desert Behemoth

Aggregating a series of off-grid plots in Southern Spain, we are developing the world's largest green e-methanol farm



Forest Kingdom

Deep in the Finnish forest we are building a sprawling clean fuels hub

If you have access to over 1000 hectares of land suitable for renewable energy in Southern Spain, Portugal, Greece or Finland and want to explore hosting an ETFuels project on your land, do let us know.

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